Cafe Hopping: Snowy Village

When I first heard about the container that sells bingsu in Bugis, I made a mental note to die die must check out this Korean Bingsu place, Snowy Village. I am a big fan of the melt in your mouth bingsu texture. Hence, last week I suggested to my TKD friend to meet there for a catch up session. Just in case you are wondering what is TKD, it is Taekwondo. Yes, I used to learn Taekwondo but my love for food gets the better of me. Resulting in me carrying a spare tyre around everyday. =(

I heard it is quite out of the way and is not the easiest place you can find. That's right... my cab passed by it without me realising that I have missed my stop. So please look out for "DECK" if you are going there. My advise is to walk along Prinsep Street from Sunshine Plaza and in the direction towards SMU.
It is on the right side of the street and look out for this gate and the tentage. It is part of Snowy Village and I think people who love Alfresco dining will appreciate this. But fret not for people who are like me, die die must have air conditioning, there are some seatings inside the container.
Besides bingsu, there are also toast, sandwiches and drug corn! 
We ordered the mango bingsu ($11.90). The serving is similar to the ones at Somerset but the snow flakes are not as fine. However, the serving of mango was rather generous. The Korean bingsu experience could be further enhanced if they have lesser of the cloying mango sauce and a less icy scoop of ice cream. Nevertheless I think it is worth giving it a try as compared to those Korean "ice kacang". (I mean if we locals want ice kacang, we would rather go for a $2 one at hawker centre...for a whooping $10++++, we definitely have higher expectations.)
We also ordered the drug corn which cost us $5. M commented that it could be a cheese lover's favourite when it arrived at our table. The aroma of the cheesy seasoning was slightly too strong for us. Perhaps the service crew was feeling generous that day and we ended up feeling very thirsty from the seasoning on the corn. As it wasn't cut into very small knob, my advise for anyone going for a first date here, do order this. Eating this is quite challenging and might leave a deep impression on your date. 
Overall this is not definitely not the best bingsu that I had before. However for any first timer trying bingsu, this is definitely better than Korean "ice kacang". It is also good to know that the price is more friendly to the pocket as compared to many other bingsu places. So I would still think that it is worth giving it a try. After all this is probably the only F&B outlet operating in a container in Singapore. Do share with me if you know any other container F&B outlet. Happy Weekend peeps!

Snowy Village
120A Prinsep Street Singapore 187937 
Tel: (65) 8284 627
Operating Hours: 11am - 9pm Daily

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