Food Review: Royal Noodle (皇帝面) At Circular Road

I first heard of Royal Noodles from Nicholas as he was ranting to me on his twice failed attempts to try the handmade noodles at this place. Thus we decided to meet on a late weekday morning to give this a try. 

The place is air-conditioned with a open concept kitchen where the preparation of the noodles can be easily seen by the public. 
There are four types of noodles available and ordering is made easy by ticking your options on the paper. The noodle is priced at $6 for ala carte order and $9.80 per set ( includes 1 choice of sides, egg and drink).
I have once attended a dining etiquette course which pointed out that food sharing is a big no no. But as usual, we didn't care much. We ordered the 4 flavours available and we shared. :p
Soup Non-Spicy Noodle
Soup Spicy Noodle
Both the spicy and non-spicy noodles are served with similar ingredients such as minced meat, peanuts, spring onions and tau huay. Yes, tau huay! First time having tau huay in my noodles. Kinda weird but surprisingly tastes better than I thought. Love the szechuan kind of spiciness in the noodle. The broth for the non-spicy noodle is decent and I love the springy qq texture of the noodle.
Dry Non-Spicy Noodle
Dry Spicy Noodle
Both the noodles are served with similar ingredients as the soup ones. However, the tau huay is served together with a small bowl of soup. In comparison, I preferred the dry version more as I find it more flavourful.
I heard that Royal Noodle was inspired by Tang Dynasty. Perhaps it is also why there are drawings in the ancient China. I like the texture of the noodle and I feel that the price here is very affordable for the CBD lunch crowd. Although the spicy versions are quite fiery, I do like the flavour of it. Do give it a try if you have not tried it.

Royal Noodle (皇帝面) At Circular Road
27 Circular Road Singapore 049383
Tel: (+65) 9669 9994
Operating hours: Mon - Fri 11:30am to 2:30pm 
                                            10pm to 4am
                           Sat 10pm to 4am

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