Simple Tuna and Egg open face sandwich x #CreativeSgHomeCooks Challenge

Recently I have been hit by the "cooking mama" bug and I have started to do some simple cooking at home using whatever ingredients that are available. One of the morning, I made some Tuna and egg open face sandwich. 

1 slice of bread
1 egg
1 can of tuna in olive oil (drained)
1/2 onion (diced)
1 tblsp kewpie mayo
Pinch of pepper & salt 
Pinch of smoked paprika 
Butter (optional)
1 slice of cheddar cheese

1. Cover the egg in a pot with enough water and cook for 10 mins. Remove the shell and thinly slice the egg (about 3mm thin)
2. Toast the bread 
3. Mix the tuna, onion, mayo, salt and pepper together.
4. Spread some butter onto the toasted bread, follow by cheese, tuna and egg.

Ta da~~ here is my  breakfast. 

I used to love cooking but has stopped cooking for several years. Many thanks to Ian who has tagged me on instagram for this creativesghomecooks challenge that I started cooking again. Like any hobby, once you start cooking, it is very hard to stop. 

Here are some snippets of #creativesghomecooks challenge. It is an initiative started by some fellow bloggers with the aim to encourage more people to cook at home and to share their dishes. There will be a new challenge every month with a specific theme. For example, in the month of feb, it is red while march is egg and now april is seafood. 

Here is how it works -

1. Simply come up with a home cooked dish that adhere to the theme. It can be anything from savory to sweets. The difficulty of each dish is up to you to choose and you can even wok up something as simple as mine. 
2. Take a photo of your homecooked dish and upload it onto the social media - either blog, facebook, twitter or  Instagram and add the hashtag #creativesghomecooks.
3. Nominate at least one person to take up the challenge but you can nominate as many as you like. :)
4. Although there is no penalty or forfeit for not taking up the challenge, we do highly encourage you to at least try. Well, this is meant to be fun, so no stress ;)
5. Do feel free to upload as many pictures of home cooked food as you like. 

The purpose of this challenge is to encourage more people to cook at home and to share the love of cooking around. There is no restriction or stress on what you can or cannot do. Do share the joy and the love. Most importantly have fun in the kitchen :)

You are invited to join my gastronomic journey on Instagram and Facebook. :)