Media Invite: Ippudo @ Shaw Centre level 4

Ippudo has recently opened its fifth branch at level 4 of the newly revamped Shaw Centre. I am blessed to be invited to the media tasting with Shirley, Ian and Pauline. Although Ippudo @ Shaw Centre is of close proximity to the one at Mandarin Gallery, a slightly different menu is featured at this outlet.

Shiromaru Motoaji (Regular $15; Small $12)
Akamaru Shin-aji (Regular $16; Small $13)
Although both Shiromaru Motoaji ramen and Akamaru Shin-aji ramen are using tonkatsu broth, I preferred Akamaru Shin-aji more. It has miso paste and garlic oil added to the broth which made it richer and more flavourful. On top of that, I preferred the pork belly over pork loin as it is softer and more tender.
Spicy Black ($16)
Spicy Black ramen is another well received ramen which can be found in all outlets. This ramen is exclusive to Singapore outlets only. A homemade peppery minced meat miso paste is added to the tonkotsu broth. People who likes their ramen to be spicy and peppery can give this a try. :)
Tan Tan Tonkotsu ($16)
Exclusively available at this outlet, Tan Tan Tonkotsu. It is a hit with people who love their ramen spicy yet with a refreshing zest. The sesame paste which is blended with the broth also gives it a lingering fragrance. I have went back again to the outlet with my friends and they love the spicy kick of the broth. 
Tsukune Rice ($7)
I ordered this on my second visit with friends and this is indeed very delicious! I am total agreement with many before me who have raved about it. The pork patty is well flavoured and juicy.  It is indeed a hearty item to order, especially with the soft boiled egg at the side.
Umakara Ton Toro Pork ($12)
Beef Steak ($15)
Besides ramen, there are also teppan items available from 5pm for meat lovers.
Pork Bun (1 piece $4; 3 pieces $9)
I called these the Japanese Kong Bak Bao. Imagine a piece of tender char siew wrapped with lettuce, some mayo in a soft white bun. What you see is what you get, so simple yet so delicious.
Ippudo Original Salad ($12)
The portion for this salad is relatively huge. I think it can be a good choice for our vegetarian friends or as meal replacement for some.
Kani Cream Croquette ($6)
This is a hit around the table. The smooth creamy crab filling encased in the golden shell is so delicious that you can hear the word "oiishi" at least a couple of times if you are sitting at the table next to us.
Crispy Corn ($6)
I used to be a corn lover till somebody repeatedly told me that eating corn will make me fat. This crispy corn simply rekindled my love for corn. Yes, it is that good. I like the batter - it is light, crispy and it encased the sweetness of the corn from within. One of my favourite dish of the night!
Goma Q ($6)
The crunchy Japanese cucumber goes really well with the sesame sauce. The addition of the thin chilli thread gives it that extra punch. :)
Tako Wasabi ($6)
The raw octopus is marinated with wasabi flavoured dressing and served chilled.
Beef Tataki ($6)
Another highlight of the tasting is this beef tataki. The beef slices are served with tangy citrus soy sauce which elevated the sweetness of the beef and gives it a very refreshing aftertaste. I have also ordered this during my second visit and was well received by my friends too. 
Strawberry Parfait ($8)
Besides Strawberry Parfait, there are also Match Ice Cream with Shiratama ($5) and Kurogoma Ice Cream with Shiratama ($5) available if you are in for some desserts. 
For people who prefer to see how the chef prepare the ramen, there are seatings available in front of the open kitchen. There is communal table as well as booth seatings available. I like how there is a wide selection of sides available at affordable pricings. Although there is a strictly no reservation policy, I have no difficulties finding seats for the both occasions that I visited the place. Hence, if you are around town area, do give this new outlet a try. 

Ippudo @ Shaw Centre
1 Scotts Road Shaw Centre #04-22/23
Singapore 228208
Operating Hours: 11am to 10pm Daily

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