Food review on The Provision Shop at Everton Park

After reading a new cafe named The Provision Shop opened at Everton Park, I have decided to explore the place today. Being one of the oldest HDB in Singapore, Everton park is easily access via public transport [Exit from Outram Park MRT (NE3) exit G, or just take a bus and stop at bus stop B05521/ B05519/ B10021 and it's within 5 mins walk]. If you drive, it's also accessable via CTE & AYE and you can park at the multicarpark at blk 6A. By the way, the cafe is located at the end of the block with some cute tiny colourful chairs on the outside.

Once you stepped in to the cafe, you will be greeted with warm friendly smile from the staff here while they show you to your table. I was rather intrigued by their tables. It is made with folding table legs with glass top and metal skirting. On top of that, there are metal tins used as cutlery holders and vintage cup for the sugar cubes.

Beside the comfy nostalgic setting, there are also free wifi here. So good for anybody who needed internet connection for their IT gadgets.
imageI ordered a butter croissant ($2.50) and a chicken mozzarella sandwich ($14). The butter croissant was served hot with a very beautiful vintage looking chinaware. I was told it was homemade by one of their pastry supplier and I love the buttery taste that it left in my mouth.image
The chicken mozzarella sandwich was not bad. The bread was toasted with the outside slightly crispy but the inside was a bit soggy. I like the flavorful grilled vegetables and with the smoked paprika aioli, the chicken chucks tasted great. However this sandwich can be a little bit messy to be eaten.
Overall I feel that it was a good cafe to bring a book and spend your day away as it is a very cosy and quiet place. On top of that, service here is remarkable with a lot of smiles. Best of all, there is no service charge or GST. However as it's a new establishment, thus the items on the menu I feel is quite limited. Mostly there are only sandwiches, salads and some desserts on the menu. I do hope to see more mains coming up. =)
The Provision Shop
3 Everton Park, #01-79 S(080003)
Tel: +65 6225 9931
Daily 9am ~ 9pm


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