Tuesday, 13 October 2015


In the midst of the 183 acre UNESCO World Heritage Site is where Corner House is nested. The beautiful black and white bungalow was modernized to accommodate a restaurant function. Falling in love with Corner House's beautiful surroundings, PHS Hair Science held the product launch of the latest range of scalp care solution at Corner House. With the love for greenery, I was feeling blessed to be invited to the event.

As I arrived, cocktail was served. Simply love how beautifully garnished the cocktail was. The cocktail was very refreshing, a life savior for the crazy tropical weather.
Do you know that the scalp age 12 times faster than the skin on any part of our body? Thus it is important to care for our scalp, especially when it plays a great part on our overall out look. For PHS Hair Science, they believe that a beautiful head of tresses begins with the roots aka scalp. Hence, a range of scalp care products are formulated in consultation with certified trichologists using botanical ingredients, essential oil with the latest stem cell innovation. As each individual is unique, to ensure optimal results, understanding every individual’s need before designing a customised solution is at the very the core of their business. Likewise for the new range of products, there are different products to suit every individual. A build your own scalp programme is now available on the website. Just like our face that requires anti-aging products, our scalp requires products that promote good blood circulation, regenerate the hair bulb and stimulate hair growth as well. So you can choose from a range of products that are suitable for different scalp (normal,oily, sensitive or dandruff).
Something that I have learnt from the sharing session is diet is a big no no! The lack of proteins in our diet actually fasten the process of balding.  And the lesser you shampoo your hair, the more likely you will get dandruff due to the build up in the scalp. Gosh. Caring for our hair is kinda troublesome isn't it? No wonder there is a chinese saying, there is no ugly people, only lazy people. I guess it means buck up peeps if you want to look good! Besides getting professional care, it is also important to get home care to make sure that the treatment can last longer. With a little more effort, I think everyone can look good.
Besides sharing tips on how to care for our scalp better, our host has also fed us well with an array of delicious tapas and cocktails from Corner House. OMG, they are so so good. Since then I have been bugging J for a date night out at Corner House.
Thank you PHS Hair Science for the invitation. It has been a fulfilling afternoon spent knowing how to care for crown of glory better. I can now sleep in peace like the little cat with a range of scalp and hair care treatments. Saying goodbye to my oily scalp and thinning hair problems.
A lack of care leads to scalp sagging, loss of elasticity and grey hairs. So turn back time now and enjoy a beautiful head of tresses! Good news for all now, simply key in promotional code <OCT20> and enjoy 20% off all products. Promotion lasts till end of the month.

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Operating Hours: Mon - Fri 11am to 8.30pm
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Event Venue:
Corner House
1 Cluny Road, E J H Corner House Singapore Botanic Gardens Singapore 259569
Operating Hours: Tues - Sat Lunch: 12 pm to 3 pm (last order 2.30 pm)
                            Dinner: 6.30 pm to 11 pm (last order 10 pm)
                        Sun Brunch: 11.30 am to 3 pm (last order 2.30 pm)
                            Dinner: 6.30 pm to 11 pm (last order 10 pm)
Tel: +65 6469 1000
Email: enquiries@cornerhouse.com.sg

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If you like what you read, do join my journey on Instagram and Facebook where I share bits and pieces of my life :)