Friday, 9 October 2015

Beat the Haze with a proper skincare regime!

Haze has been overcasting our little island for more than a month now. But thank God that the past few days have been relatively clear from haze. To be frank, I hate it. It causes my skin to deteriorate and nothing much can be done to the weather. So I guess it is time to step up on my beauty regime to prevent more breakout!

Cleansing has been a very important part of my daily regime but cleansing is defnitely not enough for the current climate. The impurities in the air can clog our pores and in turn alleviate skin problems such as blackheads, pimples, acnes. If you think that's all right, you are totally wrong loh. It can also cause dull complexion. So it is important to exfoliate! I'm currently using Coast to Coast Rejuvenating Facial Exfoliant but do feel free to use any other scrub. Most importantly is to slough off dead skin cells and the rubbing action itself boosts circulation to our face to give it a natural glow. So win win right? DON'T you like that natural blush on the face, save the usage of blusher. =)
Clay mask is excellent for skin that is prone to acne. It can curb the excessive production of sebum, cleanse the pores and giving the skin a smooth appearance. Do use a suitable one for your face. While a white clay is suitable for sensitive and dry skin, a rose clay is suitable for dry and normal skin. A yellow clay is suitable for sensitive skin and does not draw oils from the skin. Brown clay is effective for removing dead skin cells but is not suitable for dry skin. Green clay is for all skin types as it is more gentle. DO NOTE: do not let the clay mask dry completely!! Once the mask is dried fully, it draws out moisture from the surface of your skin, causing dehydration and irritation. Remove the mask when you see it starting to dry. This would have save your face and reap the full benefits of a clay mask.
One of my favourite mask to use is the sheet mask as it required no rinsing of my face after using. But to get the best out of it is to exfoliate away the dead skin cells on your face before using it. There is a misconception that has been going around, longer is better is a big NOOOOOOO! As the sheet mask dries out, it will start sucking moisture out from your skin!  So do not leave it for a prolonged period. Personally I prefer a mask that does not constantly slide or slip off my face. As the concept behind the mask is to let the serum soaked mask "hug" my face and allow a maximum absorbency during that 15 to 20 minutes. After using, always massage the serum till it is fully absorbed onto the face then follow by your usual skincare regime. Just like the clay mask, use at least once a week to keep your skin glowing. IF your pocket is deep enough, you can always apply it daily.  =) Currently I am using Dr Benjamin Yim's Hydrating mask. Quite a favourite for me as it contains pure botanic extracts of placenta and collagen which replenish the moisture on my face. After using it, the face is brighter and more glowy. =)
Besides using mask, our usual skincare regime is equally importantly. so KEEP TO IT! Currently I am also using Sulwhasoo first care activating serum as part of my skincare regime. It is used as the first step after cleansing to boost the efficacy of our skincare. Only a small dot of the size of 10 cents coin is needed. I like to take a whiff of the serum, like how the masseur or beautician let us smell the essential oil before a massage, as I really like its herbalish smell before applying it onto my face. It contains ingredients such as milkvetch, dwarf lilyturf and licorice which is suppose to promote natural skin circulation and restore skin's healthy radiance. My personal experience after using it is it does keep my face feeling more hydrated.
If there is one essential for my skincare regime, that is sunblock! The tiny particles in the air actually trapped UV rays thus it is even more important than before to apply sunblock. Although we cannot see the detrimental effects of the UV now but years down the road, you will be sorry that you didn't apply sunlock. While Ultraviolet A (UVA) rays cause wrinkles and other age-related changes, Ultraviolet B (UVB) rays give us sun burn and sun tan. But because the effect of UVB rays is reflected on the skin surface while UVA rays penetrate deep into the dermis. It takes years before we can see the effect of UVA. So it is important to apply a sunblock if you don't want to look old, shriveled and haggard as you start to age. Currently I am using the sunblock from Dr Benjamin Yim. I like the fact that it is light weighted and tinted which provided me with a certain coverage on days when I do not want to make up. 
Last but not least, always remember to remove your make up! Besides preventing clogged pores and let your skin breath, do you know that your make-up absorbed all the impurities from the environment during the day? Can you imagine sleeping with all the haze particles? Hell no for me. Thus removing make up is very important. I was told that even if you don't make up but you put sunblock with more SPF 30, use a make up remover too. SO yes, proper cleansing is important no matter you put on make up or not. Here is my current favourite, Dr. Benjamin Yim's hydrating cleasner! The beauty of it is it does not leave my skin feeling tight and dry after washing. Plus point is it is a one step cleansing solution. What's does that means? It means I do not need to double cleanse. A single wash would remove light makeup, sunblock and all the impurities off my face. Good stuff, isn't it?
Credit: 3M
Today the haze seems to be back after clearing off for the past few days. I hope that everybody is still well. Extreme weather calls for extreme measures. Besides taking care of your face and follow through a tighter regime, remember to mask up and hydrate yourself more! Cheers! May the haze be gone forever soon!

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