Thursday, 3 September 2015

[Media Invite] Gin Toneria at My Little Tapas Bar

Finally met the man behind My Little Spanish Place and My Little Tapas Bar, Celebrity Chef Edward Esmeros, at the Bar's new launch of Gin Toneria. Chef Edward has got more than 7 years of experience under his belt, fusing modern elements of Italian, Spanish and Philippino cuisine into his menu. 

Likewise, a departure from the usual Sangria or red wine that we are used to having in a Tapas bar, he and his team have came up with the Gin Toneria menu, which has a wide selection of more than 17 brands/varieties of Gins.
Guests are invited to pick and mix up to 3 different kinds of botanicals which included the cinnamon, pandan leaf, basil, lemongrass, honey and lychee, among others (from $18).
With a top up of $6, there is an option of Gins from the premium category. Of the 18 Gins available, 10 are premium Gins like the Fifty Pounds, the Sip Smith and the not so common Tanquery Ten. 
My personal favourites are the cinnamon, rosemary and ginger Gin Tonic, as well as the pandan Gin Tonic, which are familiar ingredients in this part of the world. I have always thought that it is a good idea to strip cocktail to its most verdure roots; that is the best way not just to sample the Gin but also the botanicals.
Pair your Gin Tonics with their tapas, especially their Jamon Iberico, Croquetas de Jamon and their Cigarillos stuffed with valdeon blue cheese and Jamon. Anything with Jamon is good.

My Little Tapas Bar
42 Club Street Singapore 069420
Operating hours: 5pm-12am (Mon-Sat)

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