Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Beauty Review: 3D Nails @ Jurong

Sometimes I wonder how many people are like me. I don't like to leave my nails bare (without any nail polish or nail arts), yet always feel that there is no point doing as it doesn't really last. As someone who does housework at time and perpetually being chor lor (not demure in hokkien), my nail polish never last me more than 1 week. Few years ago, I found out about gelish manicure which can last me for a couple of weeks. However, it is always very expensive to do it in Singapore. A simple design like the above could easily set you back by $60 or more. BUT the above is only $45 including nail art! Yes, it is done in Singapore, at 3D Nails.

Near Jurong East MRT station at the area where JCube is, is where 3D Nails is located. The exact location is at a small lane where you can access to Happy Hawker aka 喜多福 coffeeshop. Although 3D Nails is a small and cosy nail palour with only 3 seatings, the manicurists here are very experienced. Janet, the lady boss, shared with me that they used to work at a nail palour at Jurong point where they handle a lot of problematic nails such as ingrown nails, fungal infection...etc. Thus, they have the expertise in handling the common nails problems faced by many. 
As I stepped into 3D Nails, the first thing that I have spotted is the UV (ultraviolet) sterilizer. IMO this is a sign of how particular the nail parlor is with the hygiene between the clients. At least the UV sterilizer helps to disinfect the metal tools used on clients. It always made me feel safer as I do not wish to be infected with anything in the course of beautifying myself. 
Since I have no idea of what kind of design I would like to have, Janet shown me a variety of designs that I could do on my nails. I am kinda impressed with the variety of designs available. However as I couldn't make up my mind on the design, I let Janet have the freeplay.
After checking with me the nail shape that I desire, Janet went ahead to help me remove my previous gelish nail which I did at another nail parlor. It is good to know that besides having a reasonable price for gelish manicure/ pedicure, the service includes removal of gelish nail polish before and after the treatment. So be it whether you are a customer of 3D Nails or not, as long as you do the gelish nail service at 3D, they will help you to remove the gelish nail polish for free. This means a saving of $10 to $15 as most nail parlors charge for gelish nail removal. After the removal of my previous gelish nail polish, Janet proceed to help me shape my nails, groom my cuticles, buff, protect my nails with a coat of nail treatment before the gelish nail service.
At 3D nails, you can opt to use a premium base coat, top coat and a nail primer from Orly GelFX range with an addition of $12. The Orly GelFX is a range of vitamin-infused gel manicure system. While Primer preps the nails for maximum adhesion to extend the life of the gel color, the basecoat masks nail imperfections and creates a smooth surface for even gel application. The topcoat seals in the new gel color and provides a durable finish with high shine to help protect nails.
Tada~~~ This is how my nails look like after an hour at 3D nails. Personally I like how Janet helps to create a lengthening effect with the lines on my nails as I have very short nails. Hehe. She has also added a touch of kawaii-ness with the 3D ribbon on my forth finger. Overall, I am very happy with the service here as Janet is very helpful and patient with me during the process of deciding the designs for my nails. 
So here is a good news for my readers. Simply quote my name "Hannah" while booking your nail appointment with 3D Nails and enjoy 10% off all services. 

3D Nails
132 Jurong Gateway Road #01-277 Singapore 600132
Operating Hours: Mon - Fri: 11am to 9pm
                 Sat, Sun & PH: 11am to 8pm

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