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Mucota Scena Treatment Volume Rebonding @ KENJO Korean Hair Salon 살롱

I have always feel that our crown of glory plays a huge part in our outlook. It can either make us look older, more haggard or make us look more youthful and fresh. Thus, it is always important for me to find a good stylist who knows what I want and what is best for me. Located at Plaza Singapura is where KENJO Korean Hair Salon 살롱 is.

When I first entered KENJO Korean Hair Salon 살롱, I was immediately captivated by the white, sleek and clean interior. Each service station has a hook to hang our bags and there is a selection of beverages that we can choose from. 
Besides that, there is also free wifi for all KENJO Korean Hair Salon's customers. Yay! At least I can surf the online web while beautifying myself without worrying that I will exceed my data plan.
Some background about my hair conditions, I have done a flopped rebonding about few months back and coloured my hair 2 months ago. I have oily scalp with dry hair ends. Yes I know, hair so short but so many problems liao right? I guess Jayson must be having a headache when he saw my hair. lol
During the consultation, Jayson felt that my hair was too flat and lack of volume. He suggested to trim away the dried ends and do Mucota Scena treatment Volume Rebonding. I was like "huh!? rebonding!?" but Jayson handled my queries professionally and made me feel comfortable, I decided to give it a try. Afterall, what can be worse since hair will always grow again?
After the hair trimming, Jayson brought me to the wash area to have a hairwash before proceeding with the Mucota Scena Treatment Volume Rebonding. He first applied Mucota Scena Adel to my hair before applying the rebonding cream. Mucota Scena Adel is a moisture based cream treatment that contains 4 kinds of ceramides to improve the hair condition by retaining moisture in the hair to keep it soft and moisturised. 
Hair rollers were put to create some volume while we waited for my hair to soften. 
After that, I was brought to the wash area to rinse off the rebonding cream before we headed back to the service station to blow dry my hair.
If you think that is all, you are wrong. This is in fact one of the most important part of the Mucota Scena Treatment Volume Rebonding. Unlike the usual rebonding that flat iron is used to straighten our hair, curling tongs are used to give volume to the hair near the roots area with a "C' or "S" curls to the ends. This resulted in a natural looking straight silky hair while giving our hair some volume to create a korean look. After the straightening and curling of my hair using the curling tongs, a neutralising cream was then applied. Hair rollers were used to make sure my curls set in place nicely. 
Last but not least, Jayson done a treatment using Mucota Scena Brava and Calore. 
While Mucota Scena Brava contains matrix keratin, fibril keratin, pearl proteins and amino acid to repair the damaged hair cuticle, Mucota Scena Calore has hydrophilic δ(delta) layer, lipophilic β(beta) layer and Superlipidure (phospholipid polymer nanosphere) to reinforce the repair of the hair, creating layers of protection and regenerating hydrophobic surface to make the hair smoother, silkier, and more lustrous.
Tada~~~ here is my new hairdo. I am so glad that I have decided to go ahead with the Mucota Scena Treatment Volume Rebonding. Not only does it add volume to my hair, the hairdo made me look fresher and younger. I have received a lot of compliments since.
The hairstyle is also easy to manage as compared to any permed hairdo. This is a picture of me and Hazel at a media tasting several days after I did my Mucota Scena Treatment Volume Rebonding at KENJO Korean Hair Salon 살롱. 
I have also brought home Mucota Aire 02 and Mucota Aire 09 (Veil for waves) for my home care. Review will be up later this week on the products.
Good news for my all readers, enjoy 15% off all ala carte services when you quote "hannah".  Be it if you are an Korean enthusiast or somebody who just wants to look good, KENJO Korean Hair Salon 살롱 team of both local and Korean expert professionals will make sure you walk out feeling happy at the end of the hair session.

KENJO Korean Hair Salon 살롱
68 Orchard Road, #04-72, Plaza Singapura (New Wing), Singapore 238839

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