Thursday, 20 August 2015

Food Review: MAGURO-DONYA MIURA-MISAKI-KOU Sushi & Dining at Suntec City

Finally a “farm-to-table” sashimi restaurant has opened in Singapore. What this mean is minimal logistics wastage, and also significant cost savings translated for us consumers. Eating sashimi is certainly not cheap in Singapore, not to mention the prized Hon-Maguro (bluefish tunas) that are caught around Japanese waters.
Most Japanese restaurants obtain their fish supplies from a few Suisans, or seafood suppliers in Tsukiji, Japan's biggest seafood market. With this system, the Suisans act as middlemen and purchase all their seafood supplies from the fishermen before selling to bidding third parties. This results in restauranteurs often having to pay more for their seafood. MAGURO-DONYA MIURA-MISAKI-KOU Sushi & Dining, part of Eat at Seven F&B group is one of those few that do not get their Maguro from Tsukiji. The group which has more than 18 restaurants specialising in Maguro across the Kanto region, source their Maguros directly from the fishermen.
Being one of the founding partners of Eat at Seven, ANA is able to fly in fresh Maguro to Singapore at the shortest possible time. The partners also make extra care to ensure that the quality of the Maguro was not compromised from the catch stage. A great master of Maguro is stationed on the boat deck to cull high quality tuna from the catch. The chefs will then practise shinkei-jimei, which is the Japanese tradition of inserting a spike into the hind brain and destroying the spinal cord, in the process halting the production of lactic acid, which usually causes the quality of the fish to turn bad. The fish was then frozen under extreme low temperature throughout the process, and only defrost upon reaching the restaurant in Suntec City.
We had three cuts of Hon-Maguro sashimi ($38) from the whole Hon-Magruo that costs a whooping SGD$50,000, which was also flown in on the same day from Fukuoka where the fish was caught. The three cuts consisted the Akami, Chutoro and the highly prized Otoro. Otoro usually will set you back for at least $20 a pop, so this portion is almost half of what you would expect to pay elsewhere. The sashimi was also accompanied by a special soy sauce infused with Katsuobushi, more commonly known as Bonito. Lending its flavor to the fish, the Katsuo added an interesting flavor to an otherwise dull dish.
The three kinds of Maguro sushi ($28) were equally divine. The unanimous favourite was the grilled Maguro Kama ($34) which was the grilled cheek meat of the Maguro.
Fatty and with each bite bursting with umami, we finished the Kama in no time. This was one dish that we can never get enough of.
There are still items on the menu that we have yet to try, such as the Hon Maguro Megumi Trio Lunch ($49) which we will definitely be back for. This lunch set featured items like the Akami sashimi, the Chutoro steak and the grilled Kama. This set is currently on promotion till October 2015 (usual price $79).

3 Temasek Boulevard, Suntec City North Wing #03-314 Singapore 038983
Tel: +65 6684 5054
Operating Hours: 11.30am-10pm

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