Monday, 6 July 2015

Food Review: Montana Brew Bar's new burger menu

Time flies, it has been four months since I first visited Montana Brew Bar. Last Friday, I was back to try the burger from the new burger menu. I was so excited to see items such as the Umami Burger, Truffle Egg Burger and Thai Lemongrass Prawn Burger on the menu.

A trip to Montana is never complete without some coffee. Nicholas had latte while I had some delicious Yirgarcheffe over V60. 
We had 4 burgers that came almost one after another. For better food experience, I listed them according to the intensity of their flavours. Umami Burger ($14) consists of freshly-made beef patty with Bonito Flakes, miso mushroom, sliced cheese and parmesan cheese. The idea of this burger is to gather all the ingredients that give you the umami flavours into the burger. There are also onions bits in the beef patty that give you the crunchy texture.
If you want something with more complexity, try the Double Bacon Burger ($13). Beef patty is perfectly paired with bacon slices, cheese and balsamic bacon onion. I am glad to know that the potato rolls are freshly made in house on a daily basis for freshness assurance. The sweetness of the potato roll gives the burger a lovely contrast with the savoury elements.
Truffle fans should try this. Generous with the truffle oil used, you can smell this Truffle Egg Burger ($15) at least from 2 tables away. Served with Tomato Relish, Parmesan Shavings, and a dash of black truffle oil is simply perfect if you like that intense truffle smell.
It is quite common to see Thai Lemongrass with chicken or pork but not in a Prawn Burger. The Thai Lemongrass Prawn Burger  ($15) is served with Green curry mayo, and mango red onion slaw. This is my favourite among the 4 burgers. The mango red onion slaw has this beautiful tanginess and goes very well with all the elements in the burger. If you can order 1 burger, this is the one! Well, at least I thought so. With all burgers served with a side of fries, I think this new burger menu is going to be a hit. There is something for everyone be it if you are a beef lover or not.
Currently, there is a 10 percent off burgers after 5pm till last order and 20 percent off craft beers and fruit beers. The promotion is valid till end july. Simply follow Montana Brew Bar on instagram to enjoy the offer. With promotion like this, there is no reason not to give the burger a try. Hurry down ya :)

Thank you Amanda and Ying for the invite.

Montana Brew Bar
1 Selegie Road #01-04 POMO Mall Singapore 188306
Daily 8am to 9.30pm
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