Sunday, 14 June 2015

Food Review: Good Chance PoPiah New Outlet @ 1 Jalan Berseh

Good Chance Popiah has opened a new outlet! It has been known for its DIY popiah and it is always a must order for many during home gatherings or potlucks, especially popular during Chinese New Year. But do you know that Good Chance also offers a variety of Tze Char dishes? Neither do I. About 2 weeks ago, together with Dr Leslie Tay and a group of foodies, we made our way down to check out the new outlet of Good Chance Popiah at Jalan Berseh.

For peeps who are clueless about its location, it is actually just directly opposite the famous dim sum supper place, Swee Choon Tim Sum Restaurant (瑞春点心餐厅). A little background of Good Chance Popiah, it was established in 1977 and currently run by the young humble boss, Ah boy (the third generation). This is their second outlet and their first outlet is at Bukit Merah. As Ah Boy shared, his family members are mainly in the F&B line, from his grandfather (founder of Good Chance Popiah) to his mum to even his relatives in Malaysia. Under such influence, no wonder the young boss is a great chef as well.
Sitting in a 3200 sqft shop space, there is beautiful natural lighting coming through the glass frontage. With such a huge space, I can image that it is even enough for a wedding banquet. lol
We started with Ah Boy demonstrating how to wrap a good popiah. Everything was done in swift movement and it seems easy till I tried my hand on wrapping my own popiah. It looked only a fraction like what he has done. Lol. The fillings are hand shredded with 7 different types of vegetable to ensure a crunchy texture. It also has small bits of Tee Poh , a sun dried flat fish, which gives an excellent savoury umami to the fillings.
This is the best of 3 world dishes to order, addictive homemade prawn roll with juicy and tender prawn paste chicken and the secret recipe fried beancurd. Ah boy kept mum about what is in that golden pillow of beancurd that till now I am still very curious about it. It is not exactly a beancurd or tofu but the texture is similar to tau huay. If you are interested to try this dish, please do remember to call and specially order for it as it is available off the menu. :)
Fish Head & Yam Soup
Rainy day like today made me miss this Fish Head & Yam soup (small - $19.80; big - $26.80) so much. The yam is cooked to a mushy soft texture that literally melted into the soup. The broth is so rich and flavourful that even a non-yam lover around the table can't help but to say it is good!
Salted Egg Yolk Crayfish
Anything with salted egg tends to win my heart. So when Salted Egg Yolk Crayfish (from $44 onwards) is served,  it has won half of my heart even before tasting it. It is good to know that Ah Boy personally goes to the wet market every morning to get all the ingredients. Thus, the freshness of the ingredients are being assured. A very good example is the freshness of this crayfish. I like how it is being rendered with the salted egg yolk sauce, creamy with a hint of sweetness. It is suitable for all ages, even children, as there is no chilli padi added to the salted egg yolk sauce.
Fried Vermicelli
One of my fav fried vermicelli is from KEK at Alexandra Village but now I have another option to go to. The fried vermicelli  (small - $9.80; big - $13.80) has generous amount of seafood and tastes similar to fried bee hoon. What I like is how such a simple looking dish is packed with awesome flavours and ample wok hei. It is also good to know that besides buying the fresh ingredients every morning, Ah Boy is also the chef for the outlet at Jalan Berseh.
Stewed Pork with Buns
I am sure many have had stewed pork with buns ($20 for 5 pcs) aka kong bak bao before. How about kong bak bao with yellow buns? It is actually made of fresh pumpkin. Although it tastes quite similar to the normal buns, it is slightly sweeter. It is a good combination with the soft, tender and flavourful kong bak.
As a Teochew, I am a big big fan of yam paste aka orh nee. Interestingly, unlike many places, the sauce and the yam paste is served separately. I like the fact that I can taste the yam on its own and adjust the amount of sauce that I wanted to have.

With Ah Boy's passion for food and assured freshness from his daily routine of going to the wet market, we left the place with our tummy full, feeling happy. Overall, we spent about $20 each and had a great time catching up over lunch. I would strongly recommend this place for people who are game for a good chinese tze char meal while catching up. So do check them out.  ;)

Good Chance Popiah 
Main Branch
Blk 149 Silat Ave #01-58 Singapore 160149
Tel:  (65) 6271 0698
Operating Hours: Tue - Sun 11am to 2.30pm
                         6pm to 9.30pm
                         Closed on Mon
Branch Outlet 
1 Jalan Berseh #01-15 New World Centre Singapore 209037
Tel: (65) 9622 9445
Operating Hours: 11am to 9.30pm Daily

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