Thursday, 21 May 2015

Food Review: Paddy Hills' Dinner Menu

Since Paddy Hills opened its door in March, it has been the talk of the town for its highly instagrammable dishes. Together with J, Pauline, Nicholas, Shirley, Ian, Hazel, SihanDesmond and Kelvin, I am back to Paddy Hills to try out their dinner menu. For review on their lunch menu, please check out my the other blogpost.

Paddy's Elixir
While the rest of the peeps ordered Yuzu Effervescene, I ordered a cocktail, Paddy's Elixir. It is a concoction of pink sake, yogurt and lotsa fresh grapes.
Steak Ssam ($60)
When I saw the price, I was taken aback but this is definitely a dish worth trying. The wagyu baby ribs are sous vide with bone intacted for 3 days. Thus resulting in tender melt-in-your mouth beef slices. Although there are 3 types of homemade sauces available, I prefer to have it just as it is to taste the natural flavour of the beef.
Hao da De Ji ($32)
Another of my favorite is the Hao Da De Ji (Huge Chicken in Mandarin). The fresh chicken is first deboned before it is sous vide for 20 hours. Hence the meat is tender and juicy that I don't mind eating the chicken breast which is usually my least favourite part of the chicken.
Chick N' Egg ($20)
If there is an award for the best fried rice in a cafe, I dare to say Paddy Hills would have won the award. Besides having a distinct wok hei, the rice is not mushy or too grainy. Served with fried chicken chucks, chicken skin (which I almost mistaken as wanton skin at the first look), sous vide egg and slices of garlic, it is both comforting and satisfying.
Golden Man Tou Sliders with Truffle Fries ($30)
Golden Man Tou Sliders with Truffles Fries is something similar yet different from the day menu. It is a mixture of lamb and pork belly sliders. I like how the lamb was prepared without much gaminess.
Moo ($28)
Imported ramen noodles with the broth being slow-cooked for more than 12 hours, this is supposed to be another highlight. However, I would love it to be more flavourful. Well, at least I am happy with with the beef slices that are both tender and moist.
Toasted Spicy Rice Cakes ($23)
This is another dish that won my heart, toasted rice cakes served with iberico pork slices, sous vide egg and ikura. Not only it is pretty to look at, it tastes as good. The iberico pork is a premium meat from a pig that feeds on acorn. Hence the pork is more tender. It is addictive to eat it with the rice cakes as the flavour from the gochujang on the iberico pork complement well with the chewy texture of the rice cakes.
The Lollies ($18)
On a separate occasion, I went back to Paddy Hills again as a paying customer and tried the lollies. (Guess this goes to show how much I look forward to trying every dish on its menu :p) Yuzu and Earl Grey lollies on top of vanilla foam and garnished with raspberry dust, crushed pistachios and sea salt caramel marcona almonds. A pretty plate of dessert which I thought was good to share between a couple. While the ladies get to enjoy the refreshing Yuzu lolly with raspberry dust, the creamy Earl Grey with crushed pistachios would appeal more to the gentlemen.
Hot Chocolate ($6.50)
I have also tried the newly revised Hot Chocolate. Besides using 48% dark cocoa on the hot chocolate, a bar of 78% dark chocolate is served for you to enjoy after drinking the hot chocolate. Definitely my kind of comfort drink, what about you?
After the hype since its March opening, I am happy to return to see improvements both in food and service. I have no complaints for the waiting time as food was served hot and quite swiftly. So do give Paddy Hills a try if you have yet to check out this place.

Paddy Hills
38 South Buona Vista Road Singapore 118164
Operating Hours: 9am to 10m Daily
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