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Beauty Review: Botox and fillers @ Dr Benjamin Yim Aesthetic & Laser Centre Part 1

Ageing is a natural process and with it comes all the good friends such as wrinkles. One of the most annoying thing is the fine lines on my forehead as I like to frown a lot. 

Although I have not done any plastic surgery before, I have always been very open to cosmetic enhancements. Especially when we age and all the "good friends" start to chase up to us. However, I am also very skeptical as I did hear about enhancements gone wrong. Hence, a vain yet kiasi person like myself, I have not done any cosmetic enhancements since 2010 (Did a nose filler through a friend's recommendation in Bangkok which cost me $700++) . Through a friend I got to know about Dr Benjamin Yim who has more than 15 years of experience. After seeing her successful example, I decided to visit Dr Yim. 
On my first appointment with Dr Yim, Dr Yim got to know more about my past cosmetic enhancement history and was patient to understand my concerns before he advised me on the cosmetic procedure. The whole consultation process was done in a professional yet relaxing setting. I felt very comfortable as I do not feel that I am being put down or pushed to doing any treatment. At the same time, Dr Yim explained to full length the procedural detail without hiding anything such as the risk, possible side effects.. etc. This is very important to me as it made me feel more reassured that I was making a well informed decision.  
I was advised to do some botox treatment on my forehead and chin to relax my muscles and smoothen away my frown lines. Dr Yim has also highlighted to me that the treatment will not turn me into a beauty overnight. Instead the treatment is to enhance the natural beauty in everybody and bring out the best of each individual feature.
Although I know that I was in good hands, I was also glad that I have a buddy to do the procedure with me. Shirley did some botox and fillers as well.
On the second appointment, we were brought to a room to take some pictures for recording purpose before we proceed to the treatment room to get prepared for the botox treatment. 

Our face were then clean and numbing cream was applied to the areas where the botox treatment is to be done. While waiting for the numbing cream to take effect, Shirley and I had fun taking welfie and chit chatting. Thus, I would really suggest to get a buddy to do this together. At least the whole process became less scary.  ;)
After the numbing cream took effect, Dr Yim then came and went through the procedure again, confirming the areas that will be receiving the botox treatment. He also used a white chalk pencil to mark the areas to allow me to visualise the procedure better. 
After that, the procedure started. I was actually very worried that this might be painful. But the whole process was more relaxing and painless than I expected. One of the assistant was tapping another part of my face while Dr Yim executed the treatment (this was to "distract" my pain nerves as explained to me). The treatment took less than 10 minutes and ended before I knew it. 
There was literally no down time for the treatment. I even went to Her World Pop-up Bar at Ion on the very same day with my friend, Joselyn. Athough Dr Yim told me that within 3 days I should see some softening effects on my frown lines, I could see it the next day (the effect varies from one individual to another and I was delighted that mine was almost instantaneous :D ). 

So how is per treatment? 
The botox treatment starts from $500 onwards depending on individual's requirements. So it really depends on the area(s) that you plan to enhance. :)

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P.S: The above views are shared based on my personal experience, no monetary compensation was given.

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