Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Media Tasting: The Pecking Order X The Entertainer App

From the folks behind Merry Men Kitchen + Bar, The Pecking Order is one of the latest addition to the F&B group. Hidden in an alleyway just off North Canal Road, The Pecking order is a cafe by day and a bar by night serving European inspired food, both in small plates and sharing portions. I am very blessed to join Ian as his plus one for the food tasting event hosted by The Entertainer App.

The Pecking Order is created with the idea to be a place where the office crowd can come for a coffee break, for a quick lunch and to unwind after work. Thus the nostalgic furniture, local art pieces and contemporary western images are used to create a cosy yet hip interior.
We kickstarted the event with a cocktail concocted using Kyoho grapes and Hendricks Gin ($20). This is one of my favourite cocktail of the night. It tastes sweet and reminded me of the grape flavoured yakult drink but in 7-11 slurpee form. Yum yum. Definitely a drink that I don't mind having a few more. hahaha
Roasted potatoes with blue cheese, black truffle and chives $12
Roasted potatoes with blue cheese, black truffle and chives $12
Burnt aubergine with piment d’espelette & fried garlic $10
We were then served with 2 of their signature dishes. The potatoes are roasted till so soft that they literally melt in your melt. I like how they seasoned the potatoes with blue cheese and chives, nothing too overpowering. The aubergine is cooked till soft and the fried garlic added an extra omphm to the dish. Athough piment d’espelette, which is a variety of chilli pepper, is added to the dish, fear not, it is nothing spicy.
Mussels escabeche with shaved fennel on garlic toast $12
Oyster and prawn fritters, avocado crema $12
Though the mussels escabeche is a take on the traditional escabeche using mussel instead of fish, I do not really fancy the dish. Perhaps it is also my first time having it, the acidity of the dish somehow does not sit well with the shaved fennel. However I love the oyster and prawn fritters. The ratio of the fillings and the skin is just right for me and somehow the dish reminds me of the CNY hei bi hiam goodies in a more atas version. It is really addictive and I cleared my share in no time.
Salt cod fritter with anchovy aioli $10
Salt cod fritter with anchovy aioli $10
Another highlights of the night is the cod fritters and I called these atas fish croquettes. Imagine creamy fillings of mixture of mashed potato and cod fish encased in golden shells. The golden shells are so thin and crispy yet when your teeth sink into flavourful creamy fillings, it is like an orgasm in the mouth.
Braised lamb ribs, carrot mash and gremolata $24
Braised lamb ribs, carrot mash and gremolata $24
Wagyu hanger steak, red pepper chimmichurri and portobello mushroom $28
Grilled Kurobuta pork jowl with honey and soy on a bed of sliced red cabbage $22
Grilled Kurobuta pork jowl with honey and soy on a bed of sliced red cabbage $22
I have never though of myself being an ultimate carnivore. However the meat dishes at The Packing Order altered my opinion. Among the 3 meaty dishes served, grilled kurobuta pork is my favourite. I love how tender the pork is and it is so good that I can't stop eating it. Again, the dish reminds me of another dish, char siew! This is easily one of the best char siew I have in Singapore. Atas char siew I called it. ;P Another of my favourite is the wagyu hanger steak. Known for being the most tender cut, this dish is both tender and flavourful. I said take my money any time for these two dishes. hahaha
Chocolate and salted egg custard lava cake served with vanilla ice cream $10
Chocolate and salted egg custard lava cake served with vanilla ice cream $10
I think it is not wrong to say many Singaporeans are crazy over salted egg yolk and that includes myself. The Pecking order has an interesting take on their salted egg yolk dish. Instead of the usual ending the night with a sweet note, I ended mine with both sweet and salty notes. lol
Once again, thank you The Entertainer for organising such an awesome food tasting event. Currently, the Entertainer is offering an early bird price (S$60, UP S$75) on the app. For a further 10% discount, use promo code “2015ALVIN” when you check out. Besides The Pecking Order and its sister establishments The Merry Men Kitchen + Bar and The Mad Men Attic Bar, more than 750 merchants are offering 1-for-1 deals with the Entertainer. The Pecking Order is offering 1-for-1 for Main Menu items which includes every item on both the Lunch and Dinner menus! Check out the app now for greater savings when you dine. ;)

The Pecking Order
13 North Canal Road, #01-01,
Singapore 048826
Tel: (+65) 9822 1789 (11am – 4pm)
        (+65) 6221 7188 (4pm onwards) 
Operating Hours: Mon ~ Fri 8am to 12am (Cafe & Bar)
                             Sat 10am to 8pm (Cafe only)
                             Closed on Sun
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