Sunday, 22 February 2015

Media Invite: Montana Brew Bar @ Selegie Road, POMO Mall Level 1

cafe at pomo level 1
As a barista, one of my favourite thing to do is to cafe hop and chit chat with fellow baristas. I was elated when I was invited to Montana Brew Bar for a food tasting with Ian, Nat and Bee Bee
Strategically located near to schools such as Kaplan, SMU, SOTA, and Lasalle, Montana Brew Bar is a chic urban coffee brew bar offering waffles, burgers and coffee at affordable prices.

Truffle Mac & Cheese Waffle ($9.50)
There was an aroma of truffle in the air as the waffle was served to our table. I was told that the whitish powder is actually truffle salt. Rather different from what I was expecting, the mac & cheese was encased in the waffle. I was quite surprised that while the waffle is crispy on the outside, the macaroni is perfectly cooked on the inside. A very clever combo of both my favourite food. Why have waffle and mac & cheese separately when I can have both together, right? This is definitely one of highlights of the tasting session.
Southern Fried Chicken Waffle Sandwich ($9.50)
I was told that the Southern Fried Chicken Waffle Sandwich is best to eaten like a burger. Although it is served with wasabi coleslaw, the wasabi was not as fiery as I expected. A little more wasabi pungency for the coleslaw and a more tender chicken would be perfect for this dish.
Frittaffle ($8.00) 
Frittaffle is basically an egg-based italian inspired dish, similiar to a crustless quiche. It is served with homemade salsa, which is mildly spicy, and truffle mushroom sauce sphere. On its own, the frittaffle is slightly dry but it was complemented well with the mushroom sauce, making it a very hearty option for the vegetarians.
Left - Match Strawberry Field Waffle ($9.50) ; Right - Red Velvet Waffle Slack ($10.50)
Besides savoury waffles, there ware also sweet waffles options. The matcha strawberry field waffle is served with passionfruit mini spheres and strawberry slices. While some of us like the bitter matcha aftertaste, some find it too strong. However, the acidity from the passionfruit mini spheres complement the waffle pretty well. The red velvet waffle stack is served with homemade ice cream, white chocolate sauce and red velvet crumble. Somebody at the table commented that it tasted like bandung while I like the additional of rose water that made it really fragrant. Both the waffles were crispy on the outside but the inside was slightly too dense for my liking.
Chocolate Banana Waffles
Chocolate Banana Waffles ($10.50)
Served with caramelised banana and homemade vanilla ice cream, this is easily a crowd pleaser.
 Waffles Suzette ($9.50)
If there is a CNY must eat waffle, it is definitely going to be waffle suzelette. The waffle is served with caramelised orange and vanilla ice cream, it is literally yelling 吉祥如意!!! lol
Latte ($4.50)
Mocha ($5)
From the espresso bar, you have an option to choose either a slightly more nutty and heavier body blend, the Montana Blend or the Selegie blend which is brighter and more juicy.
For the slow bar, there are also 2 single origin beans, Costa Rica and Yirgacheffe with 2 options of brewing method, V60 pourover and Aeropress.
Rudel, a full time barista at Montana Brew Bar brewed the coffee for us using the 2 different brewing methods. Not only does this guy knows his coffee, he is also very patient and professional in explaining the taste profile of the coffee to the group.
With more and more cafe popping up on the island, it is always a joy to find a cafe that is focusing more on delivering affordable food and drinks without compromising on the quality. Overall, I prefer the savoury waffles more than the sweet ones. As the cafe is still very new, with some tweaking to the food serve, this cafe is bound to shine. At least I see myself going back for Rudel's Aeropress coffee. 

Montana Brew Bar
1 Selegie Road #01-04 POMO Mall Singapore 188306
Daily 8am to 9.30pm
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