Monday, 20 October 2014

Cafe Hopping - Ply Baked Goods @ Upper Thomson Road

Tucked in a quiet corner of Upper Thomson area, I stumbled upon Ply Baked Goods at Soo Chow Walk while looking for a parking space. It's actually located at the road behind the shophouses where Ritz Apple Strudel, Kampong Chicken Rice House..etc are housed.

Ply adopted simple minimalist deco, with notes left by the customers and the luxury of natural lightings, it gives people a cheerful, cosy and relaxed feel.
Beside serving illy coffee($3.50 to $7), tea from 1982 Clipper Tea Co. ($5 to $9) are served here too.
On my first visit to Ply, I ordered a lemon meringue tart ($5.50) and I was totally blown away. Unlike the usual lemon meringue tart that I have tried elsewhere, Ply's ones have hidden surprise awaiting. In between the slightly souring lemon curb and the buttery tart base, there is a layer of creamy dark chocolate ganache. The overall combi compliments each other and made it a well balanced dessert of sweetness, sourness and bitterness.
There are 2 types of rainbow cakes served here, the ones with vanilla sponge with chocolate cream and the other ones with rose sponge and rainbow butter cream. As a rose lover, I ordered a slice of rose rainbow cake ($8.50). The chocolate crunchy pearls are spread together with the butter cream in between the soft and fluffy sponge cake added some textural surprise. The butter cream is light and there is a pleasant rose smell with each mouthful of the cake. Thumb up!
The truffle fries ($8) here are rather guilt-free as they are air fried. This is the first time that I tried fries air-fried. To my surprise, it tastes just as good as normal deep fried ones but less oily.
The sweet potato fries ($6) are air fried too. There is natural sweetness of the sweet potato with crunchiness in every bite. 
One of the mains serves here is the baked from scratch quizza, I called it a hybrid of pastry and quiche.    There are 3 flavours (Lorraine, Garden & 4 Cheese Margharita) and comes in 3 different portions (small - $$16, medium - $40, large - $$75). I ordered a small Lorraine quizza which has ingredients such as bacon, leek and onion. The buttery crispy crust added more texture to flavourful eggy filling. Although there is a waiting time of 40 minutes, it is definitely worth the wait.
Overall, Ply baked Goods is like a home away from home that is well hidden from Upper Thomason main road. I have received warm service from both the bosses (Wei long & Helena) and the part time service crew. With such a quiet and relaxed ambiance, this is definitely one place that I will go back to whenever I want to have some fantastic delicious rainbow cake and some "me" time.

95 Soo Chow Walk (Thomson) Singapore 575382
Tel: (+65) 6451 1866

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