Wednesday, 2 April 2014

The Grocer by Sterling @ Infinite Studios

I am rather elated after I check out the cafes at Infinite Studios. Beside Hoopla, the next best place to go to I would think is The Grocer by Sterling. Basically this place is an integrated café, chill-out bar and a grocer. Beside selling stamps, providing dry cleaning & catering service, The Grocer by Sterling sells a wide array of imported crafted beers and it even has a pool table!

To be frank, I was rather skeptical about the food here. But I was proved so so wrong. The Thai chicken Quesadilla ($7.80) fared much better than I expected. The chicken is very flavourful, a well balanced of slight spiciness and sourness. The salsa sauce that came along as a side complimented it so much. For $7.80, I considered the serving very reasonable.
The white wine with black mussels($12) tasted really good as well. If there is any complaint against it, it would be the mussels are too small. However for the price tagged, personally I feel that it is very much value for money.
The char grilled beef($22) is good as well. Something that I like about this place is they accommodated with requests. We asked them to slice up the steak for us into bitesize and they did! This is also done without compromising with quality of the food. On top of that, the portion served is relatively huge!

The smoked duck salad ($7.80) was ordered at a much later timing as my friends and I were there for almost the whole of the Saturday afternoon. Personally I feel that it is very value for money. Best of all, the salad tastes great! Tender sliced smoked duck with plum sauce at the side. A lovely way to eat my greens indeed!
Do check out this place if you are looking for a place to play pool, drink imported crafted beer and have some yummilious fusion food. Did I mention that liquor here is really cheap? A bottle of Gin is about $68 while Chivas is only $88 before GST and you can actually purchase the drinks from the supermarket section and drink there without any corkage charges.

The Grocer by Sterling
21 Media Circle
Singapore 138562
OPENING HOURS: 10.00 am - 11.30 pm
                                 CLOSED ON SUNDAY
Tel: + 65 6778 9878

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