Friday, 28 March 2014

Review on's L'OCCITANE 6-in-1 Hand Cream MEGA SET deal

Hi peeps, just a short review on one of my loots from
As a handcream fanatic, one of my greatest joy is to buy hand cream. The love of hand cream started in my late twenties when I realised that the first sight of ageing can be noticed in 3 places - eyes, neck and hands. Thus since then I have been quite diligently apply my hand cream.
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Among all the handcream available in the market, one of my favourite brand is L'OCCITANE. Thus when I saw this deal (L'OCCITANE 6-in-1 Hand Cream MEGA SET for $35), I seized the opportunity and get it without thinking. I have made my payment on the 20 January 2014 and by 21 January 2014 I have already sent in my details as I am noticed that it takes 21 days for my hand creams to be delivery.

However after more than 21 days as per stipulated from the T&C, I have not received my loots thus I have decided to send the merchandiser an email.

To my disappointment, the hand creams were out of stock and I would need to wait again!

Finally on 12 March 2014, I have received my loots via Vpost!

The set come with 6 hand creams(30ml) - 2 cherry blossom, 2 shea butter and 2 rose velvet hand creams.

Overall I am relatively satisfied with the products that I have received. Personally I feel that $35 for 6 L'OCCITANE hand creams is a very value for money deal. The only thing I don't really like is the delivery timeline is slightly too long. However, if I see this deal again, I think I will still purchase it as it is really worth the money and the 30ml travel size hand cream is very convenient. I don't know about you but I like my hands to be moisturized as and when I am on the go! ^^ 
Overall Verdict -
Product : 10/10
Service :  6/10 (marks are given for the free delivery but not on the part whereby there is no follow up when the hand creams were out of stock)

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