Monday, 3 March 2014

Azúcar Restobar - Where all the sauces are made from scratch

At the junction of Aliwal street facing the concourse shopping mall is where this double storey shophouse European Restobar is located. Although newly opened for less than 6 months, Azúcar Restobar is already
pretty well known in the area and has her own stream of regular customers. As explained by Josefine, one of the lady iron chef behind this beautiful restobar, Azucar means sugar in spanish.

The patrons here are spoilt for choice as Azúcar Restobar offers indoor and al fresco veranda dinning. On top of that, on Thursday and Friday evening, there are also live band to welcome the weekends. =)

We have pumpkin orange soup beetroot carrot soup with homemade garlic breadstick to kick start the dinner. What I really like about the soups here are the unique combination of ingredients that compliment each other and giving a twist from the conventional soup!
While the beet root carrot soup is full of natural sweetness and slightly on the thicker texture, the pumpkin orange soup is lighter and very refreshing.
We were very blessed that Josefine also served us some tortilla, crackers and greens to sample the homemade sauces that were made from scratch. The marjority of us adore the Royal Thai Chilli sauce and good news is it is also for sale at $6 per bottle. The sauce is so appetizing and it really goes well with many things. On top of that, we were served Azúcar green and german potato for starters. Highly recommeded the German potato, it is a good comfort food tossed with bacon, onion, celery and of course potato. IMO, for any salad to taste good, the dressing is very important. Azúcar green is a spot on! Fresh greenies tossed in a light mustard base dressing that just encourage you to go for an extra serving!
Photo Credit: Azúcar Singapore Facebook Page
Prawns in Aglio-olio is one of the signature here that is served with fresh prawns and some really flavoursome pasta. On top of that, you can always request on how you like your pasta to be done, al denta or not is all up you. =)
If you want a piece of the sea, try the Saffron Risotto with Seafood! Loaded with generous serving of seafood such as scallops, prawns, mussels and clam, the taste of the risotto is further accentuated by the dash of the expensive spice, saffron.
Grilled baby back ribs is served with mashed potato and fantastic homemade mango vinegarette over the greens. I was totally blown away with the homemade sauces here. Did I mentioned that even the BBQ sauce is homemade. Something so unique, fresh and healthy!
Grilled Fresh Salmon Fillet is one of my most favourite of the night! The salmon is beautifully grilled with breadcrumbs on top and served with homemade pasta in pesto sauce. The salmon fillet is so soft, tender and moist without the fishy flavor.
Beef Tenderloin with Foie Gras is another hit of the night. I am still drooling over how tender the tenderloin is and how wonderful pairing of sauce it has that actually accentuate the overall taste.
 The next dish that was served was the Oven Baked Lamb Rack with Truffle Cheese Fritata. Personally I like the Truffle Cheese Fritata a lot as it's very flavourful.
For tapas, we were served with Smoked Duck, Pork Knuckles, Meltique Beef and Stuffed Spanish Sausages. While the Pork Knuckles are crispy on the outside and well marinated, the meltique beef is tender and has its natural flavour retained. Personally I like the smoke duck the most, it is seriously soft, tender and flavourful! For people who like sausages, do try the stuffed Spanish sausages here. Beside wrapping with bacon, it's also stuffed with prune! Definitely an unique dish that you don't see in every restaurant.
Double Chocolate Brownies is the hot favourite around the table to end the night. Personally I love the dense chewy texture that is so full of rich chocolate flavour. Every mouthful of the brownies with a bit of ice cream is simply like happiness bursting inside the mouth. Mega love for this dessert!
Other than the brownies,  there are also other desserts available such as Moreno Panna Cotta, Crème Brulee(Original) & Crème Brulee (Pandan). I am very blessed to have the privilege to try on all these. However my vote still goes to the brownies. Hiak Hiak
We ended the night with Flaming pineapple. After a beautiful feast for the eyes and what was left is the uniquely aromatic rum & gin infused pineapple. =)
Once again, a big thank you to Open Rice Singapore and Josefine, one of the lady boss of Azúcar Restobar, for such a  fantastic food tasting session with fellow bloggers and openricers. Do check out Openrice sg website if you have a passion for food and would love to be invited to food tasting event.

Azúcar Restobar
345 Beach Road
Singapore 199568.
Tel: 6299 3345
Operating Hours: Mon-Wed: 11:30am-11:30pm
                            Thu-Sat: 11:30-12:30am
                            Closed Sunday

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