Sunday, 1 December 2013

Movie Review: Frozen by by Walt Disney

Last Friday, I went to VIVO City Golden Village to catch my first gold class movie with mummy dearest and guess what? We chose to watch Frozen, an animated movie by Walt Disney. I must really compliment on the gold class seats, they are really comfortable. Best of all, there is a button for you to adjust the leg rest and also a soft blanket to shield from the low temperature in the cinema theater. On top of that, they also have a service crew who will come to attend to you whenever you press on the service button. So there is no need to queue for popcorn or drinks and there are also proper food on the menu that will be served to you ( if you order from the service crew). And of cos all these come with a little price tagged along which is equivalent to a normal restaurant pricing. 

(Photo Credit to Disney Studios SG)
In order not to be a movie spoiler, I am not going into the details of the movie. The story started with Princess Elsa who was born with the magic power to turn things into ice and even create snow. One night when her younger sister, Princess Anna, woke her up and asked her to build snowman with her. However in the midst of doing so, Princess Elsa hurt her sister accidentally with her magic power. So after Princess Anna was saved by the troll, her parents, the King and Queen of Adrendell forbid Princess Elsa to get into contact with anybody which included her sister,Anna, for the fear of revealing her power to anybody.
(Photo Credit to Disney Studios SG)
Fast forward the story, Princess Elsa revealed her power accidentally during her coronation and froze the whole Adrendelle while she escaped into the high mountains for the fear of being misunderstood of her magic power as sorcery . Olaf, the snowman who longed to have a nose and to suntan in the summer was also accidentally made by Elsa during her escape. However at the end of the day, could the warm summer return to Adrendelle? You gotta catch it to find out.
                                               (Photo Credit to Disney Studios SG)
The movie was basically a light hearted one with lot of humour injected into it. On top of that, it was a musical movie with lot beautiful songs and there wasn't any boring moment at all. Can you imagine even my 60+ mummy also enjoyed the movie, how bad can it be right? Beside that, this is a movie with  some twists, storyline and educational values in it. I guess beside being entertaining, it has also given me a thing or two to ponder about. All in all, I feel that this is a great animated movie. Do catch it and see whether you share my sentiments or not.  =)

                                       ( Video Credit : Walt Disney Studios UK )

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