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Review on LollyTalk ~ Home brand customised rock candies

I can safely say that it's every kids dream to own a candy shop. This is how the birth of LollyTalk came about. 2 kids (Keow Yuen and Joy) grown up with a dream to own a candy shop and not any candy shop, they dream to own one that is a home brand with customised candies that Singaporeans can feel proud of. Thus the duo travelled down to Australia, Queensland, to learn from the best of the Aussie candy makers(Ross and Judy) in 2010.

Beside being the grand rock candy champion in 2009 Royal Melbourne Fine Food award, Ross and Judy has also won multiple awards in other candy making competitions in Australia. Unlike other candy makers in Singapore, LollyTalk is a home brand not a franchise. Thus you can be assured of the great quality of the rock candies as Ross and Judy have taught both Keow Yuen and Joy of the trade secrets that most franchisee would have held back. On top of that, Keow Yuen and Joy are also the only 2 Asians being taught by the grand champions themselves. Singapore, aren't you proud of these 2 young entrepreneurs?
I was very blessed to be invited down to the store and have some personal interaction with Keow Yuen & Joy. Beside getting to know about the history of Australia rock candies & LollyTalk, I also get to know more about the making of rock candies at LollyTalk . Best of all, I get to taste the different flavours of rock candies and gain new insights & knowledge about rock candies. image
On top of that, upon stepping into LollyTalk, you will be greeted by the friendly peeps here and gosh they even let you try on any flavour of the rock candy before buying.I feel that this is a very warm gesture and they do have customer's interest before theirs. However I am also praying for them that they would not meet too many kiasu people who go in just to sponge on them and not buying anything because this is certainly a shop I do wish that they will continue to grow in their business. Reason given is that they have many customised candy that I can buy off the shelves e.g the get well candy, the 加油 candy, the jesus love me candy and also the minions candy which I can't find anywhere else or if I do find it, i gotta pay extra. Over here at LollyTalk, I feel that the customer first policy is really impressing. =)
At Lollytalk, beside their signature fruit rock candies which includes flavours such Apple, Banana, Blueberry, Cherry,Cranberry, Grape Fruit, Kiwi, Lemon, Lime, Mango, Orange, Passion Fruit, Peach, Pineapple, Raspberry, Strawberry, Watermelon, White Grape, Soursop,and Lychee.
There are also 7 flavours from the Acquired Taste Collection. Personally, I like this collection of flavours a lot. Beside 2 flavours which can relieves minor throat irritation [Menthol Honey Lemon (blue), Honey Lemon (beige) & Menthol Grape (purple)], there are also Chilli Lime (red) & Spicy Mango (orange) if you like your candies leaving hot sensation on your tongue cos they are both made of real chilli padi extract. Among the 7 flavours I love the Plum Guava (green) & Apple Cranberry (pink) the most as they are made with real plum bits, dried cranberry and natural apple bits. For the plum guava, it tastes just like the plum powder that we use to dip with cut fruits, mega huge love for that. Best of all, they come in refills packs too. Don't you just love how environmentally friendly LollyTalk is.
Another of my favourite is the Super sour lemon collection. In order to cater to all sour lemon lovers, at LollyTalk they have not only 1 or 2 level of the intensity of sourness but 3 levels for the super sour lemon. On top of that, there are also super sour grapes and apple. Best of all, they don't cut tongue like how many other brand do. The reason is because they are made with Lollytalk's secret recipe and also made with lots of love.
What's more? Christmas comes early this year! Well at least at LollyTalk, early birds pre-orders are now available!!! From now till 10th November 2013, enjoy a 20% discount off Christmas Mix ( comes with 4-6 Christmas design/flavours ) for orders confirmed and paid between now and 10th November 2013. Starting date of collection will be on 11th November 2013. All orders have to be collected latest by 25th November 2013. Please mail to for place your order now. =)
Pricing for Early Bird Pre-orders
10 bottles of 30g glass jar at S$24
10 bottles of 40g glass jar at S$30
10 bottles of 70g glass jar at S$43
10 bottles of 130g glass jar at S$71

** Sticker on the bottle cap and card tag not included. However all these can be included with a small price paid. =D **
Having the chance to have personal interaction with Keow Yuen, I also seized the chance to ask him some questions that many of us are curious to find out but maybe too paisey to ask. And me being me, thick skinned and buay paisey, so let me help you do the job.haha.
I asked Keow yuen how long we keep the candy after purchase as I am really curious about it. Perhaps I am the only one who is curious but the answer is we can actually keep it for a very long while if we store it properly as rock candies are made from sugar which is a natural preservative. But best is to be consumed within a year. I don't know about the rest but I finished 2 packets of the acquired taste collection within a day.
I have also asked Keow Yuen can we chew the candy as I am a candy "chewer" rather than "sucker". He told me that as handmade rock candies unlike machine made candies are stretched many times during the process of  making thus making it not as hard as normal candy so it's ok to chew it. As the mini air bubbles have made the candies much more "crunchy" so it will not hurt your teeth by chewing it.
Last but not least I asked Keow Yuen where is the best place to store the rock candies. Guess the answer with the following steps and you could win a bottle of fruit rock candies from above pic home.

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