Saturday, 16 November 2013

Food review : Magnum Singapore Pleasure Store @ Vivo City

Photo Credit to Magnum Singapore Facebook
I think most Singaporeans know about the ice cream, Magnum, which can be bought at most supermarkets, 7-11 or even petrol kiosks at about $3~$4. But do you know that there is a pop up store, Magnum Pleasure Store located just outside Vivo City ? Best of all, you get to design your own magnum. 

Located at Vivo city, the pop up store is definitely very easily access via public transport as there is a bus interchange across the road and Vivo itself is located at Harbourfront MRT station. On top of that, there are also ample of parking for those who drive.
Few days ago after bringing my 2 hamburgers (My mega adorable nephew and niece) to Sentosa 4D AdventureLand Media Preview, I brought them to Magnum Pleasure Store. The duo were elated. We ordered the Design my Magnum (self customised magnum) ($7). 
We were first asked to choose 3 toppings out of the choice of 18 toppings available. Some of the toppings are really interesting! I saw chilli flakes, wolfberries, sea salt and also dried mixed flowers. The chosen toppings are them put into a mini shakers to mix well.image
Then we have a choice of 3 coatings (white chocolate, dark chocolate & milk chocolate) to choose from. After coating the naked magnum, the 3 chosen toppings are then sprinkled onto the coated magnum as per shown on the picture above. After that, you get to choose the chocolate to be drizzled on the coated magnum. 
tadaaaaaaaaa... these are the customised magnum that my hamburgers nephew & niece have made. The one in the front is white chocolate sprinkled with gold flakes (waffles), chocolate crunchies and coffee dusting then drizzled with milk chocolate. While the one behind is dark chocolate coating with dried cranberries, golden nuggets (chocolate bits) and macadamia chips, finished off with white chocolate drizzle.imageActually this is my third visit to the same store. However it was also the happiest one. I guess the happiness came from the excitement from the kiddos while we were customising the magnum and also I must say that the service of the service crews have improved quite a lot as compare to my prior experiences with them. I highly recommend this place to anybody who like magnum and also to parents who would want to let their kiddos indulge in a bit of the self customising fun.
imagePhoto Credit to Magnum Singapore Facebook
Actually beside the customerised magnum, there are also other items on the menu such as food such as spaghetti, drinks and also desserts. One of them which I would want to try before the pop up store at vivo is closed would be the fondue for 2 ($25). IMO this is rather value for money from what I can see from the picture. But I think I better go fast before November ends as they have not announced where the next pop up store will be yet!
Magnum Singapore Pleasure Store
VivoCity, The Plaza
1 Harbourfront walk
Operating Hours till Nov 30: 11am - 10.30pm daily

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