Saturday, 23 November 2013

Cafe Hopping in Everton Park : Grin Affair

(Photo Credit: Commercial Guru)
Recent years, cafes have been mushroomed in many places in Singapore. One of the more popular in the central area is Everton park. Within a block, you might find more than 2 cafes housed in them. While I was cafe hopping recently, I went to Grin Affair after I had my breakfast at the Provision Shop.
Grin affair is quite a hidden find and I almost missed it until I saw somebody having a cake in a jar from the window outside. Initially I thought this was an art and craft learning school. lol
The renovation here adopted simple country style thus you can see a lot wooden stuff here. However do note that seatings are limited.
Cakes here are all served in a jar and from what I understand, they are also the pioneer for jar cakes. so if you are into jar cakes, this might be the place for you as they only serve nothing but jar cakes and some beverages such as tea.
As there are only very limited 12 choices to choose from, I chose the dark chocolate jar cake ($5.50). I was rather impressed by the presentation as they are using string  with recycled paper to tie up as jar cover instead of giving us a box or a paper bag. On top of that, I like the idea of being environmentally green to recycle my jar bottle.  =)
Once you removed the string and the recycled paper, inside the jar revealed a homemade cookie filled chocolate ganache dome and sea salt dulce de leche.Yummy!!!! Personally I like this jar cake quite a lot. As the cake wasn't too dry, the chocolate mousse wasn't too sweet and I love that bitter chocolatey aftertaste!
(Photo credit : Grin Affair)
Good news is perhaps for those who drive, Grin Affair might be easier to be spotted as you should be able to spot the shop once you turn into the carpark.
Grin Affair
3 Everton Park #01-77B
Singapore 080003
Tel: +65 8282 7375
Facebook here
Mon - Sat: 12:00 - 20:00
Sun: 13:30 - 18:00

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