Friday, 29 November 2013

Beauty review : Nivea In-shower skin conditioner

(Photo credit: Nivea Facebook )
Recently while catching up with Elaine, she mentioned to me about this wonderful product that can act like a conditioner to your skin just like how conditioner does to our hair. As a very kiasu beauty conscious yet lazy person, I have decided to check it ! 

Apparently this Nivea In-shower skin conditioner comes in both for the dry skin (blue packaging) and the normal skin(white packaging).
While the dry skin contains almond oil, the normal skin contains sea mineral. As a kiasu beauty conscious person, I have chosen the one with almond oil as almond oil is one of those beautiful ingredients that is super beneficial to the skin! Beside having the composition similar to our body oil, it's also very easily absorbed into our body without blocking the pores. On top of that, it is rich in vitamins B and E and it also helps to soften and slow down the sign of aging.I found mine at guardian which is only selling at $7.90 and with a naked very sexy lady on the advertisement. Thus I am very sure, this is not an ad that you will miss when you walk around.
On top of that, they are also having a promotion with free microfiber hair towel for every purchase of the Nivea In-shower skin conditioner. Personally I think this is a good deal. hehe
I feel that this is a very easy product to be used. After shower, all you need to do is to apply some of these skin conditioner onto your skin and miraculously it seems to be quickly adsorbed into your skin. Do note that similar to hair conditioner, it will still have that slippery feel so you gotta rinse it off.

(Photo credit: Nivea Facebook )
According to Nivea facebook, it is best to be paired with cold shower to achieve an all-round moisturizing & nourishing bodycare regime. However for me, I still prefer my hot shower and it works perfectly fine for me. It does not give me that sticky feel after I rinse it off unlike the normal body lotion will do. Although I do feel that I am enveloped by a moisturising layer, it is very light that I almost can't feel it.  However surprising, after using it for several days, I find my skin getting smoother and softer.

Overall I like this product as it is good for lazy people like me who is not willing to spend time apply body lotion and wait for it to be absorbed into the body. Beside that, one thing I really love about this product is, in the event you are caught in the rain, you will not have that slippery feel ( due to body lotion applied) on your drenched body. Best for the erratic year end weather while pampering your skin, isn't it? On top of that, I feel that the price is affordable so I think I will continue to use it. However I hope that they can come out with a bigger bottle with a pump soon for an even easier application while showering. Haha.. now you know how lazy I am right. lol.

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